Rival Kingdoms is an exciting new game in the mobil real time strategy genre. I have been playing it for several weeks now and it has me hooked.
This is a pretty unique game that differs from clash in a couple key ways, check out my
10 tips for getting started
. Right now this site is just guides but I would like to make some tools eventually.

Curious to learn more about the daily life of a true Clash Champion? Then you need to check out VladTepz on twitch, the hardest working man in clash of clans!

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Monday – Friday 8am to 2pm (Eastern Time)

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If you like Clash of Clans you probably have tried out Samuria Siege. Check out the new Siege Calc, the same great functionality of this site but for Samurai Siege.

I am a proud member of the Rising Family! We are a set of clans founded on mutual respect, unquestioning support, and a level of generosity matched only by our love for Clash of Clans. Come check us out at our family site! We have some of the most amazing players in the game!
If you are looking to learn more about Clash of Clans then you NEED to check out Daddy’s youtube channel! He has excellent videos that will help both new and old clashers, whether it be base design, BBQ, or baking Daddy has the answers.