5 Tips to Help Build a Strong Kingdom

Getting a new Kingdom off the ground is a difficult task since there is a bit of a catch 22 where potential members want to join an established Kingdom but you need new members to become established.. The beginning is going to be slow, but if you are persistent and get a few good founding members you can eventually build your Kingdom into an Axe league superstar. Here are a few tips to help get you off the ground.

Tip #1: Recruit, Recruit, Kick, then Recruit Some More

Recruiting is obviously the most important task in starting up a new Kingdom, but the question is how? Here are some good places to start:
  • Global Chat:
    Global is the easiest place to start and it is probably going to be where you get your first few members. However, since it is the easiest it is also the busiest. You will be competing with every other new as well as established Kingdom for members. Also, you are going to have to talk over the idiocy that tends to fill up global (which can be difficult at times)
    • Try to avoid the simple "join here" spam that you so often find in global. Try to come up with an interesting pitch for your Kingdom, let people know what makes your Kingdom better than the rest. However, don't incessantly spam that message into chat, use it judiciously. Once you have a good ad for your Kingdom set it to a shortcut, here is a good article on how to set up shortcuts on IOS and Android
    • Don't attempt to entice members with roles like Lord or Sentinel. Your Lords need to be strong members who are willing to help manage the Kingdom and Sentinels need to be well developed bases that will defend well in raids. Furthermore, if someone requires a certain position in order to join they are probably not a great member to begin with. Lastly, it doesn't reflect well on your Kingdom if you have to give away key positions in order to gain membership.
      The one exception is Raider, it is definitely worth advertising that you share the Raider role with all members (see a tip further down for more info on this)
    • Don't become a Kingdom advertisement bot, make sure you are engaging people in conversation. Some of the best members are going to be the ones who join your Kingdom because you had an interesting conversation with them. Someone who is willing to chat on global also is likely to be active and chatty in your Kingdom.
    • As you have probably noticed global chats do not change often. This means that you will eventually be soliciting the same people over and over. This is one of the reasons global is not the best means of recruiting
  • Personal Tournament Chat:
    I've only seen one person try to recruit in this chat so far but I thought it was a pretty good idea. It is an ideal place because it allows you to reach people not in your global and expand your recruiting reach, you can instantly know whether someone is good or not by their score in the tournament, and lastly you have a captive audience of 49 other people and are therefore less likely to be drowned out by the types of crazies that tend to appear in global chat. If you can get someone to join who is not in your global you will increase your area of influence as they will be able to recruit from an entirely different pool of individuals in their global chat.
  • Kingdom League and Kingdom Raid Chat:
    This is a bit counterintuitive because everyone in these chats is already in a Kingdom but if you happen to be winning your raid and in particular your league don't be afraid to do a little recruiting. Also don't be surprised if the people you get this way don't stick around if you go on a losing streak. Much like the personal tournament chat this room gives you access to people who will be in other global chats which gives you the opportunity to expand your area of influence.
  • Forums ans Social Media
    If you are active in any gaming forums make some threads to recruit there, this helps bring in people outside of global chat and people who might be a little more active. Here are a few good places to start:
    • The official wiki has a Kingdom recruitment forum, you can find it here
    • Reddit has probably the most active community going, join up, contribute some knowledge and recruit there. Remember that you will have the best luck if you are not just posting Kingdom advertisements but also contributing by answering questions and adding to the conversations about the game. You can find the subreddit for Rival Kingdoms here
When you have a good number of members in your Kingdom you can begin to weed out the inactive or poorly performing members. This is a crucial task in becoming a strong Kingdom and it requires a delicate touch. You need to keep clearing space to recruit better and better members but you also need to avoid ruining the morale of your Kingdom. So you must provide clear requirements for remaining a member that are reasonable and achievable. The simplest rule would be to require participation in all Kingdom Raids. Everyone likes to win, so everyone should participate.
Although it is important to kick inactive members it is also important to not get too aggressive in removing the dead weight. Keep your Kingdom near to full since a full Kingdom is more enticing for new members. So even if you have 8 inactive members you may only want to kick 3 or 4 so that you keep your membership near to full.

Tip #2: Donate Donate Donate!

Members come and go in a Kingdom but the progression of your Kingdom projects will always remain and a well advanced Kingdom is the best advertisement for new players. Make sure you are always motivating your members to donate to the Kingdom projects to unlock better and better benefits. Try to guide people towards certain projects so that you can finish them off rather than having each member donating all willy nilly to any project. The quicker you finish the project the quicker you get the benefit and the happier people are!
Use the Message of the Day to help guide people towards the project they should be concentrating on.
In my opinion the most important projects are:
  • Farm:
    This is going to increase your total membership. More members means more chances at winning a Raid. Nuff said.
  • Raiders' Guild and the Tavern:
    Raiders get extra loot with each battle topping out at 25% more gold per raid! This is probably the single greatest benefit of a Kingdom. Raider is a coveted spot that can really help save up for those upgrades (which get expensive quick). See the tip below for more information on managing your Raiders.
  • Kingdom Troop Portal:
    The portal lets subjects of your Kingdom donate troops to each other which helps everyone win Kingdom Raids as well as multiplayer battles. Unlocking this is paramount as new members are going to want to be in a Kingdom where they can get support and support helps everyone win and winning helps everyone progress.
  • Council Hall:
    This is a bit less sexy than the others but it is important nonetheless. Having more Lords/Ladys is important to managing a Kingdom. Particularly if you want to have good coverage throughout the day for moving the Raider spot around.
  • Gatehouse:
    Sentinels are key to Kingdom Raid strategy as they are the only position other than the King/Queen that is guaranteed to be in the lineup. Having more sentinels means you can ensure that your strongest members bases can be in the lineup each war. Furthermore, those strong bases become stronger with the benefit of sentinel as it buffs an already strong base with more hit points.

Tip #3: Communicate Well

Good communication makes for a good Kingdom. This means communicating in game by always being active in the Kingdom chat as well as making sure the Message of the Day (MOTD) is put to good use. The MOTD should have instructions for Kingdom Raids, alerts to your schedule for the next raid, details for events, and instructions on where to concentrate your donations for the Kingdom projects.
As you mature as a Kingdom you will want to have external communication as well. I strongly suggest one of the following two apps (both are ios and android):
  • BAND: My clash clan uses this app and it is pretty good once you get over the somewhat confusing interface. It seems to have no limit the the number of members in each “band" and it has all the key features you would want: forum like posts, free form chat, and most importantly sticky notes. You can find out more about BAND on their website here
  • LINE: My Kingdom uses this and it is pretty straightforward and useful. It gives you two of the most important things you want in an app of this type: free form chat and sticky notes. My one issue with this app is that the sticky notes are only available on the phone version of the app. If you are using a tablet you can't see the sticky notes. This app is currently favored by a lot of the top Kingdoms. Just be prepared for weird sticker wars! You can find out more about LINE here
These apps are crucial for coordinating events when you have members in many different time zones. You will find their “sticky note" capabilities particularly useful for schedule a push for an event.
Speaking of time zones, you'll most likely have subjects across the world and getting to understand everyones time zone is important for events and raids. Check out these sites for good time zone coordination tools:
  • everytimezone.com: This is a simple site that gives you a quick overview of how your current time relates to all other time zones.
  • timeanddate.com: This is a time zone converter that will let you figure out when a given event starts in your time zone (most events are announced in GMT aka UTC) or when a start time of your choosing is in one of your subjects time zones.

Tip #4: Share Raider with Everyone

This is a brief but important tip, the role of Raider is one of the most coveted roles in a Kingdom. However, it is only useful if you are online and have stones to burn. Since most people are only burning 5 stones at a time it means that they don't need to be a Raider for very long to reap the benefits of it. As people come online they should be given the Raider spot of someone who is offline or has burned their stones. Make sure your subjects alert you when they no longer need Raider, that way the role can be quickly swapped to someone else. This can be a bit burdensome and you will probably tire of being asked for Raider all the time but the benefits are well worth it. With up to 25% extra gold per raid it means your subjects will be able to upgrade both their villages and your kingdom projects faster! Who doesn't like free gold in the end?

Tip #5: Plan for your Kingdom Raids

I'm just going to hit the major points here since Kingdom Raids deserver their own guide. The biggest benefit of the Kingdom is engaging in the raids and winning fame and fortune (or at least rings). If you can develop your Kingdom into a strong contender in raids it is going to help sustain your membership and allow you to grow and recruit skilled players.
  • Use your Squires: You are always going to have some less advanced subjects who are strong players but not quite up to par with your average strong hold level. Make sure you have these folks squired so they can still attack in war but you don't need to worry about them being in the defensive lineup.
  • Sentinels:This is one of two roles that guarantee a spot in the defensive lineup for wars so use them wisely. Make sure to hand out your Sentinel roles to your subjects who are most advanced defensively. This will ensure they have a spot in the lineup and beef up their defenses which will hopefully stop your competition in their tracks.
  • King/Queen:This is only applicable once you have a solid Kingdom with members you can trust (and I mean really trust), do not attempt this with a new Kingdom with untested subjects else you might lost your Kingdom to a rogue member.
    The King spot is always the last base and as such holds a strategic defensive position. As the King or Queen you may be the best at running your Kingdom but you might not have one of the top defensive bases. If you have someone you trust with a better base you can switch them into the King position just prior to declaring for the Kingdom Raid. It is important to note that you currently need to leave the Kingdom in order to pass the role on to someone else. This is why it can only be done prior to declaring for the Kingdom Raid since once you are in a league no one can leave the Kingdom and still receive the reward for winning (even if they come back immediately). Here are the exact rules for receiving the league reward:
    • you must be in the Kingdom when war is declared (i.e. before you are even in a league)
    • you must be in the Kingdom for the entirety of the league, this means you cannot leave and come back and you cannot join midway, you must reside in the Kingdom from the point of deleration through and including the 5th raid.
Stepping down and letting a better base take the King position will hopefully stop your rivals from getting those 150 points and put you in a better position to win your raids and your league. Winning your league in Axe league nets you 600 rings which is a huge help to get your subjects what they need to get to the next stronghold level.