How to get Ancients in Rival Kingdoms

Ancients, after promo codes this is probably the most talked about aspect of the game. Everyone wants the coolest rarest ancient so they can tear up their opponnets with awesome new spells! So how do you get them? The answer may not be exactly what you wanted but getting ancients is much about chance. Except for the handful of ancients available through promo codes, login rewards, or the single player maps you will find the majority of your ancients in chests. Here is how you can get them:

Finish the Single Player Maps

There are two single player maps and thus two ancients that can be gotten from them. This is your quickest route to getting a new ancient when you first start the game.
  • The Frozen North:
    This was the first single player map to be released with the game and defeatnig it gets you Foreveil. Considering this is one of the easier ancients to get he is surprisingly strong. In fact a lot of top players use Foreveil as their goto ancient.
    Even better is that Foreveil can be used in the dragon roost as well so not only is he a powerful ancient but he is a really useful dragon as well. Beating this map should be all new players first priority.
  • Trickster's Wake:
    This is the second singl eplayer map to have been released and at its finish you will be presented with Erasmus. He isn't the greatest ancient, he isn't the worst ancient. You can definitel find some niche uses for him and his spells all have some use but he does not excel in any particular category.

Daily Rewards

There are currently two ancients you get just for logging in! The first is Lyris who you get after only a few days of consecutive logins. Lyris is far from anyones favorite ancient but I found her 2nd spell to be usefull (it essentially gives your troops nearly double damage). Last is Tokemi who you will get after a month of consecutive logins. As of this writing Tokemi is not available to anyone. You can find some information about her on the official wiki. I think her first two spells could be very interesting.


This is where you are going to get the majority of your ancients. Each of these chests has a certain chance of getting you an ancient. Obviously the ancients will appear according to their category with common being easiest to find and epic being hardest to find. One very important note, it doesn't matter when you click the open button, the rotating pictures are just for looks, pressing open on that coveted ancient doesn't give you any higher chance of winning them (believe me I've tried!).
  • Silver Loyalty Chests:
    Purchase these chests with loyalty points (gained from winning kingdom raids, donating to your kingdom's projects, and donating troops to your fellow players). There is at least one Ancient, Aegis, who can only be found in this type of chest. These are definitely worth the 5,000 loyalty points since they give you a shot at some cool ancients as well as diamonds and who doesn't need diamonds?
  • Relic Chests:
    These are the chests you will get most often and therefore they are where you are going to get the majority of your ancients. Nothing is more exciting then getting that epic ancient you have been jonesing for! You get these chests after achieving your 4th streak, 8th streak, and every 2nd streak there after (e.g. 10, 12, 14, etc). So always go for that Stronghold and keep that streak up and you'll give yourself the best chance you have at completing your collection of ancients!
  • Rare Ancient Chest:
    This is the only way to gaurantee you get an ancient every time. As can be expected this doesn't come cheap, each of these chests will set you back 2,000 diamonds. These have both rare and epic ancients so you know you are going to get something good when you buy one. However, there is no guarantee that you won't get a duplicate ancient, so buyer beware if your collection is almost complete. You can buy these outright or you can pick them up in the bundles that are offered every so often where you get some diamonds, rings, and chests. The contents of each offer differs and they are offerd randomly so keep an eye out for one that has some rare ancient chests!

Promo Codes

Right now ther is just one ancient, the Essence Master, who can be gotten from a promo code (that I know of). Don't have him yet? Just enter the promo code "SAMURAI".