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Conquest Map
Assign Territories for Alliance: Clear Map: Alliance 1 Start Alliance 2 Start Alliance 3 Start Alliance 4 Start Vandal's Hearth Salamander's Lake Assassin's Impasse Temple Of Akuma Dragon's Spine Temple Ruin Mist Village Sakura Springs Woven Crevice Hanzo's Hill Zen Gardens Moon Temple Lake Kraken Bamboo Forest Heroe's End Jade Fortress The Starving Forest Mossy Fen Garuda Lake Buck's Marsh Masumune Mound Vagrant's Peak Crystal Lake Gozen Gulch Rougue's Pass Valley Of The Wind Valley Of The Snake The Weeping Damn Salt River Cloud Temple Griffin Valley Sunken Temple Shadow Lands Oda's Retreat The Wilds Nobunaga Fortress The Watchtower The Northern Wall The Lighthouse The Southern Outpost Demon Precipice Valley Of Blades The Graveyard Bone Canyon Hermit's Rock The Iron Circle Dragon's Pass Blood Mountain Hero's Summit 0 0 0 0