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Barracks + Camp Capacity + Spell Capacity
0 / 0 /
0 / 0 / / /
0 / 220 0
Troop Distribution
Dark Barracks
0 / 0 0 / 0
Dark Troops
0 / 220 0
Dark Troop Distribution
0 / 5 0 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00
Army Statistics
Total Elixir Used (Troops + Spells): 0 Total Dark Elixir Used (Troops Only): 0
Total Troop HP: 0 Average Troop HP: 0
Ground Troop HP: 0 Air Troop HP: 0
Average Movement Speed: 0 Average Attack Speed: 0
Total DPS: 0 Total DPA: 0
Average DPS (by unit): 0 Average DPA (by unit): 0
Average DPS (by troop space): 0 Average DPA (by troop space): 0
Ground DPS: 0 Ground DPA: 0
Air DPS: 0 Air DPA: 0
Available Loot Calculator
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Dark Elixir
Available Loot
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